We are looking for Volunteers

Tullamore Credit Union Ltd is built on the spirit of co – operation and community development.  This is never more evident than through the contribution of volunteers.  Your local credit union needs volunteers to continue to provide the high level of service to the local community.  The benefits of volunteering for Tullamore Credit Union include

  • Meeting new people in the community
  • Education & Training
  • Personal development
  • Giving something back to the community.

Volunteering for your local Credit Union ensures that members of the local community are front and center in the decision making process and future of such an important integral part Tullamore.  

Below is a testimony of what volunteering with Tullamore Credit Union means for one of our current acting volunteers

Having been “volunteered” by a neighbour three years ago, I now realise how little I knew about the extent of the work done by TCU within our community. Not a week goes by but there is reference in the local media to some project or initiative led or sponsored by it. All this activity doesn’t happen by accident…… there are many staff and volunteers working hard behind the scenes.

Three years on, my initial fears and doubts about taking on any role have been allayed and replaced by a feeling of satisfaction that I have been able to make some small contribution. This has come about through being part of a team supported by advice, encouragement and training when needed. I have learned a lot, met new people and made new friends. Community is at the heart of TCU and for the heart to continue to beat, it needs volunteers to serve and to work on its behalf. Please consider it and like me you will be glad you did! Noel


For more information please email info@tullamorecu.ie



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