how to register


Follow the steps below to register for CU Online. 

You can also watch this video for a demonstration on how to register.


Step 1 – Go to the Account Signup page


This page can be located by clicking, Register Now, on the login page.


Step 2 – Create a User Name


You are required to create a Username when registering for online access. A username should be easy to remember but not something which is directly linked to you or your account.
We recommend that you do not use:
Your Account Number
Staff Number
Pay Number
Your Username should including at least 1 letter and 1 number. Your Username should also be at least 6 characters long and not include spaces.


Step 3 – Enter Your Account Number


In order to sign-up for an online account you must already be a member of the Credit Union. Enter the account number given to you by the Credit Union.


Step 4 – Enter your Personal Details


Enter the relevant details on the next three boxes on the Account Signup screen:
Name – Key in your name as it appears on your account.
Date of Birth – Enter your DOB in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
Mobile Number – Key in a contact telephone number.


Step 5 – Enter your E-mail Address


You must have a valid e-mail address to register for online access. Your e-mail address must be your own and cannot already be in use by another Credit Union member. Couples using a joint e-mail address who wish to view individual accounts must have separate e-mail addresses in order to sign up.

Step 6 – Create a Password


Passwords must be created when registering. This is your security question for the site and should including at least 1 letter and 1 number. Please pay particular attention when creating this. Avoid including spaces in your password.
Your password can be reissued to you by email if you lose it, however it will be a new password and not the old one which is sent. You should change the password immediately after receiving it by email to maintain security.


Step 7 – Wait for your PIN to Arrive


Once you have checked the declaration and clicked, Register, at the bottom of the page your sign-up details will be sent securely to the Credit Union.
PINs will be issued to you via a secure PIN mailer sent by post. This should be changed to one of your own choosing as soon as possible. You do not need to enter your address anywhere as the Credit Union will already have this information.If you lose your PIN report it to the Credit Union immediately and ask to be issued with a new PIN. The new PIN will be different to the old PIN. When changing your PIN, please note that it must be 8 digits in length and cannot contain letters. Once you have received your PIN by the post you are ready to login.