Happy International Credit Union Day!

International Credit Union Day is an important date in the credit union calendar. It is a date that is celebrated in credit unions throughout Ireland and across the world. This year International Credit Union Day will be marked on Thursday 15th Oct.


You might ask – what does International Credit Union Day mean to me?


There is a simple answer to this question – International Credit Union Day reminds members (and potential members) of the benefits of being a credit union member, both for themselves and for their community.


Today credit unions, across Ireland and around the world, will mark the day with different events – but, they will all have one thing in common – and that is people! It is worth remembering that members around the world may have different cultures, speak different languages or hold different beliefs but they all have one and the same goal – to make a better life for themselves, their families and their communities. Being a part of your local credit union can help you reach this goal!


Like all credit unions, Tullamore Credit Union Ltd holds its members at the centre of everything it does – we know that the strength of our credit union comes from the strength of our members – you, the people of Tullamore and its surrounding areas!


We also recognise, support and are involved with many local community groups, sporting events and local charities – and that is why this year’s International Credit Union Day will be celebrated in style!

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