I have updated my browser and I still cannot see the log-in page, what now?

If you have the most up to date browser and still cannot see the login page then it may be that you do not have access to secure sites. Some company Internet firewalls block access to secure sites. If you are accessing the online accounts from your office and cannot access the site please contact your Computing Support or Technical Department and ask whether access to secure sites has been blocked by the company.

If you do have access to secure sites and are accessing online accounts from an Office you need to ensure that your proxy settings are correct.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5 or 6 select Tools >>> Internet Options >>> Connections >>> LAN Settings >>> Advanced. The http has to be the same as the secure.

Please also check your security settings within ‘View’ in IE 4 and ‘Tools’ in IE5 and IE6. Then select ‘Internet Options’ and ‘Advanced’. If you scroll down the menu that has opened up, please ensure that you have ‘SSL 2.0’, ‘SSL 3.0’ and ‘PCT 1.0’ selected.

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